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City backs bag ban, despite recommendation

Gainesville’s attorney recommended that commissioners rescind its plastic-bag and Styrofoam ban. Gainesville commissioners rejected their city attorney’s recommendation Thursday to rescind an ordinance that bans businesses from giving out single-use plastic bags and Styrofoam containers. The ban, which has been discussed for nearly a year, will take effect in January 2020. The 5-1 decision on…


Managing Tight Resources: Alternative Service Delivery in Local Government

Local governments face a number of challenges when determining how to best deliver services to their communities. With fiscal stress, environmental concerns, and state policies affecting local government resource allocation, many leaders face decisions about the tools they use to address service delivery. “Pragmatic local government managers seek to maintain services and continue to serve…


Don’t Let ‘FOMO’ Ruin Transportation Planning

“More likely than not, your elected officials are basing mobility policy decisions not on cost-benefit analysis or strategic foresight, but on a classic modern insecurity: FOMO.” That’s David Zipper’s theory, explained in an article for CityLab. When transportation decision makers start make the FOMO mistake, cities get saddled with expensive demonstration projects for autonomous vehicles…