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Delray Beach Wins State Award for Federal Highway Beautification Project

When city leaders embarked on a multimillion-dollar beautification project along Federal Highway 12 years ago, their goal was to create an inviting atmosphere to emulate the charm of Atlantic Avenue. Since then, locals are pleased. And this week city officials learned that the Florida Redevelopment Association has recognized the project as an outstanding redevelopment achievement in…


A Special Report Looking into Panama City’s Downtown Redevelopment

PANAMA CITY, Fla. – Since 1974, the Panama City Downtown Improvement board has been responsible for promoting and developing the downtown Panama City area. For most of the last 4 decades, that’s included everything from advertising, planning events, recruiting businesses and just about anything else associated with helping the area succeed. However, times have changed…


Pinellas Park to Create Arts Village

Busy Park Boulevard in Pinellas Park is not where you would expect to find a “Creative District.” But past the heavy traffic and the older retail shops and restaurants, slow down and you’ll see Clayton Swartz’s colorful abstract metal sculptures at the 5600 Block. The sculptures are strategically placed to draw attention to Swartz’s new…