Why Join The Florida Redevelopment Association?
The FRA:
  • Provides a forum for members to share knowledge and common experiences regarding redevelopment opportunities and problems.

  • Encourages the adoption of legal and financial tools and programs favorable to community redevelopment

  • Serves as a statewide clearinghouse for redevelopment information

Membership is open to cities, counties, nonprofits, and businesses. All employees of your entity reap the benefits – discounts, services, and opportunities that transform your redevelopment journey. Embrace a future of growth, innovation, and collaboration with The Florida Redevelopment Association!

Membership Benefits

Discounts that Empower

Unleash your potential with exclusive discounts at conferences and training sessions.


Elevate your network through invaluable connections to other FRA members and educational programs that set you apart in the redevelopment landscape.

Data-Driven Decision Making

Shape the future with members-only online surveys, ensuring your insights drive collective progress.

Create Powerful Connections

Access a full range of association services in Tallahassee, ensuring you’re at the forefront of redevelopment opportunities, including access to FRA Members for mentoring and business development.

RFP Advantages

Stay ahead of the game with exclusive access to the Requests for Proposals (RFP) service by promoting your RFPs.

Navigational Support

Benefit from liaison assistance with state agencies and programs, ensuring a smooth journey through the redevelopment landscape.

Legislative Influence

Gain a voice in the state Legislature and stay ahead with timely information on session activities.

Career Catalyst

Propel your career forward with the members-only job forum, opening doors to new opportunities.

Digital Hub of Possibilities

Explore an interactive website redevelopment.net where innovation meets collaboration, including over 160 projects listed in the FRA Awards Database on the exclusive MyFRA member site.

Local Expertise, Community Impact

Harness the strength of a technical assistance program available to you locally, creating a positive ripple effect on your community.

Recognition and Prestige

Bask in the limelight through the annual FRA Awards program that acknowledges your outstanding contributions.

Showcase Your Triumphs

Share your success stories on the FRA website, weekly FRA newsletters, and FRA social media channels, establishing yourself as a leader in redevelopment.

The FRA Conference Experience

Be part of the only statewide conference on redevelopment issues, an unmissable event that propels you to new heights.
Join / Renew Today

The FRA is dedicated to assisting Florida professionals and volunteers in community revitalization efforts across the state by providing a forum for members to share knowledge and common experiences through its members-only website, MyFRA, as well as providing training and professional development opportunities, revitalization news and the tools needed for CRAs and redevelopment professionals to succeed.

The FRA annual membership dues are paid in October of each year. The membership for FRA members is according to agency, city, county or business, non-profit, consultant, etc. So if your entity intends to pay the dues for 2023-2024, feel free to check the membership boxes for registering anyone who works for or volunteers with your entity. To double-check on your membership status for this year, email Merrily Bennett, Association Services Coordinator, mbennett@flcities.com.

For information on how to become a member, renew your membership or update your membership information, please see below.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact Merrily Bennett, Association Services Coordinator, (850) 701-3677, mbennett@flcities.com.

Membership is defined as: 

Agency/Company (includes anyone who is employed by this entity.)

NOTE: Dues are based on an annual basis for FY October 1 through September 30. Payments to the FRA are not deductible as a charitable contribution for federal income tax purposes. However, they may be deductible under other provisions of the Internal Revenue Code. Fifty percent of dues payments may be expended on lobbying activities.

Click here to complete the online FRA Membership Application

Agency/Company Membership: (Coming soon)
(This membership includes anyone who works for your entity.)

You will be redirected to a secure site for payment processing. Payments to FRA processed by credit card are encrypted, and credit card information submitted through this site is not retained. 

Once you are redirected, follow these simple steps:

  • Step one: You will need to sign in using the login credentials provided to you by the FRA office.  If you do not have one please contact mbennett@flcities.com.
    NOTE:  These login credentials are different than your MyFRA username and password.
  • Step two: Choose your budget range and click next
  • Step three: Choose add to cart (This item has been added to your cart.) and then click on “View Cart” to make your payment by credit card.
    If you wish to pay by check, do not select the Pay Later option.  Instead, download and complete this membership application form, print it, enclose it with your check payment and mail.
  • Step four: Add your payment information, etc.
  • Step five: A confirmation will be sent to the email address provided.  You can also use the control-P key command: press and hold the control key located on the bottom left of the keyboard, and then press the letter P.
  • Step six: Please use the link to “Update Your Membership Information” below if you need to update your contact information.
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