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Top Ten Facts About Public-Private Partnerships

Top Ten Facts About Public-Private Partnerships   Public-private partnerships are just what the name implies. Public-private partnerships are a contractual arrangement whereby the resources, risks and rewards of both the public agency and private company are combined to provide greater efficiency, better access to capital, and improved compliance with a range of government regulations regarding…


Reinventing Downtown Brooksville

Reinventing Downtown Brooksville The Brooksville Vision Foundation shares its name, more or less, with a defunct and failed organization called the Visioning/Strategic Planning Initiative. It also has the same goal as that long-gone group — making downtown Brooksville a hub of commerce and culture. But here is what the new foundation does not share with…


DeBary Considering a CRA

DeBary Considering a CRA Seven years ago, DeBary rebelled at the idea of labeling part of the city as “blighted” to qualify for a special taxing program. Back then, objectors knocked the proposal to form a Community Redevelopment Agency out of the water. Now, the possibility has come up again. This time, the proposal comes…