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What’s New to Kissimmee in 2017

The new year is here and it’s time for new adventures. Whether your wild side leads you off-road or on top of the waves, Kissimmee offers unrivaled entertainment options for those seeking unforgettable experiences. Below, we’ve compiled the latest destination information to inspire your next trip … and the ultimate selfie. Attractions: Roller coaster enthusiasts,…


Chipley CRA ends Steering Committee Meetings, Moves to Surveys

Meeting Jan. 10th at the Wausau Town Hall Florida League of Cities representative Mark Sitting presented former Council member and Mayor Roger Dale Hagan a plaque commemorating Hagan’s 25 years of service as a Wausau council member. Following the presentation, Judge Colby Peel swore in re-elected council member B. J. Phillips and newly elected council members  Marlene Blount and Kerry Collins. The…