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Re-imagining Leesburg

Re-imagining Leesburg For the original article visit The Daily Commercial Several downtown Leesburg merchants and residents say an inviting streetscape and gateway entrance into Main Street off U.S. Highway 27/441 is what the city needs for economic success and future survival.   “There are still people in Leesburg that do not know that there is…


Taxpayers pay dearly for preservation

Taxpayers pay dearly for preservation For the original article visit It’s hard to find many people who oppose the idea of preserving historic buildings. Though often rickety and faded, these weathered artifacts of past craftsmanship forge a tangible link between our world and the one our parents and grandparents inhabited. But preservation can be…


Correction: Seizing Mortgages Story

Correction: Seizing Mortgages Story For the original article visit the Bismarck Tribune Online FONTANA, Calif. (AP) — In a story July 15 about a proposal for cities and counties to use the power of eminent domain to seize mortgages and help homeowners into more manageable payments, The Associated Press reported erroneously that Robert Hockett, a…