We Can Help You Tell Your Good Revitalization Stories

There are so many throughout the state going on right now.  But how about in your community? Are some of your historic, traditional or even non-traditional commercial areas in decline?   The FRA can get you the tools you need to start in the right direction.  Your citizens are counting on you to address the issues involved in rebuilding these areas into thriving sections of town.   Call it preservation, revitalization, economic development or redevelopment – but something needs to be done.  The details are the thing, and that is where the FRA can be such a resource.

The Florida Redevelopment Association is a group of talented, committed people who work in the redevelopment field or who are charged with guiding redevelopment activities.

We know how to explain, demonstrate, and show citizens what SUSTAINED improvements are being made in an area, and with what results, in a clear, simple, understandable way.  Often, we forget to let people know what is going on.  Lasting revitalization depends on the support of residents, stakeholders and investors – who want to see the proof of improvements.

We are….

  • The combined knowledge and experience of Government, Business and Volunteer “go-getters” in Community Redevelopment Areas, Downtown Development Authorities and Main Street programs – dedicated for over twenty years to the preservation and revitalization of Florida’s communities.
  • The training and professional development organization for community redevelopment.
  •  A clearinghouse for information on people and publications that can help you better navigate and not re-create that wheel.
  • Reliable, practical advice on how to begin and maintain a redevelopment program.
  • A dynamic organization, thinking of new ways to help each other on constantly evolving redevelopment issues.
  • A great annual conference featuring educational, practical presentations and opportunities to network with other redevelopment professionals.

For more information, contact:

Jeff Blomeley


(850) 701-3614

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