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Coral Springs Downtown: New Plan Recommends Replacing Apartments with Townhouses

Earlier this month, Coral Springs approved a new “master plan” for the downtown area. It’s a state-required plan that offers ideas on improving the 136-acre downtown corridor in the city’s Community Redevelopment Agency district. The 479-page plan outlines concepts for redeveloping buildings and street intersections, including already-in-the-works projects such as the new apartments and retail…


Downtown Arts District to Create Events Space in Unusual Orlando Location with Unique Construction Materials

The city of Orlando plans to provide funds to a new events space for the Downtown Arts District — one that’s slated to be a bit unusual due to its location and construction materials. Orlando’s Community Redevelopment Agency’s advisory board on Aug. 23 will consider a recommendation to provide $161,632 toward the costs of site…


Clearwater’s Skyline Evolution: Economic Impact and Luxury Living Combine

Revitalizing Clearwater’s urban core with a new high-end residential development, Valor Capital’s latest billion-dollar contribution to the City’s economy. Valor Capital is proud to introduce an iconic project that not only redefines luxury living but also reinvigorates Clearwater’s urban landscape. With a tentative first-phase conceptual design of two 35-story towers (contingent upon a current environmental study Valor has commenced)…