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DIB to pay off city debt

PANAMA CITY — Panama City Downtown Improvement Board has laid out a plan to pay off its debt. The DIB will pay $20,000 using the $55,000 loan granted from the city in March and then pay $5,000 each proceeding month, eventually out of DIB funds. Chairman Jim Hayden said they are hoping to have the…


Report: Downtown condo market to cool down

A new study confirms the latest chatter from real-estate watchers: Miami’s sizzling downtown condo market is cooling down. Skyrocketing construction costs, overheated land prices and falling foreign currencies have finally caught up with a housing market that boomed after the lean years of the recession. But unlike the last go-around, when highly leveraged projects brought…


Community Redevelopment Agencies (CRAs) Created by Cities Need to Stay in the Hands of Cities

CRAs drive investment, improving lives and creating jobs right in the neighborhood. Carol Westmoreland, Florida League of Cities Community Redevelopment Agencies (CRAS) are incredibly successful tools for breathing new life into areas that have been forgotten- the “ghost towns” in the centers of our cities.  They uniquely gather all the participants in the urban…