Redevelopment Works

Redevelopment Worked!

The 2018 Legislative Session concluded with  no changes passed to the laws that govern Community Redevelopment Agencies! 

We especially want to thank our intrepid lobbyists, our members, our campaign leaders with RB Oppenheim and Associates and our community leaders. Without your interest and effort, we could not succeed.

We would also like to thank the citizens of Florida for believing in CRAs statewide. YOU are the reason Redevelopment Works. Thank you to all who wrote, called, posted successes on social media and spread the good word locally.

Make sure, especially over the next year, to keep close to FRA to learn the current statutory requirements, how to keep in compliance and what the latest best practices are for CRAs.

For the bill history, amendments and final action on CS/HB 883, click here.

Please make sure to thank your legislators for their support! The list of who voted with CRAs can be viewed here.


The Redevelopment Works campaign is raising awareness about the importance of Florida’s community redevelopment agencies (CRAs), which serve to revitalize communities. Our CRAs are currently under attack by legislation under consideration in the 2018 session. We are working with legislators to find areas of agreement, and we appreciate their consideration. However, CRAs must be left intact to continue to improve our communities. To ensure forward movement, and not regressive policy development, we’re calling on lawmakers to protect our CRAs.

Show your support for the Redevelopment Works campaign on social media by using the hashtag #RedevelopmentWorks. Be sure to like the Florida Redevelopment Association Facebook page and follow @FLRedevel on Twitter. To share your CRA success story, please email Carol Westmoreland, FRA Executive Director, at

  • Florida’s community redevelopment agencies (CRAs) serve to revitalize communities through projects such as streetscapes and roadway improvements, building renovations, neighborhood parks and more.
  • CRAs are created by local governments and funded by tax increment funding, which captures tax revenue from property value increases in a designated area – increases that are the result of effective redevelopment.
  • Unfortunately, Florida’s CRAs are currently under attack by proposed legislation that will enact crippling limitations in an attempt to impede the creation of new CRAs and phase out existing programs.
  • Florida Senate Bill 432 and Florida House Bill 17 aim to impose a laundry list of limitations that will have an enormous negative impact on the survival of local CRAs.
  • Without local CRAs, the progress that has been made in redevelopment will come to a halt; property values will drop, and communities will suffer.
  • The Redevelopment Works campaign is working to raise awareness about the importance of Florida’s CRAs to ensure continued progress in community redevelopment.

We encourage you to email your legislator and express your support for CRAs.


FRA members can find more Redevelopment Works resources on the FRA Member Network.


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Redevelopment Works

Redevelopment Works

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