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Read the response from the Florida Redevelopment Association to the Miami-Dade County Grand Jury report, filed on Feb. 3, 2016, which makes inaccurate claims and misrepresents the mission of Florida’s Community Redevelopment Agencies. [Learn more]

This Is What REDEVELOPMENT Looks Like

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The Florida Redevelopment Association Awards Program recognizes the best in redevelopment in Florida. It is open to any member of the association. To recognize the projects and people involved in redevelopment throughout the state, three award series have been established. The Roy F. Kenzie and Thomas J. Mills Awards are given for outstanding examples of redevelopment and leadership, respectively, in Florida. The President’s Award is given for the “Best of the Best,” to honor the best project overall across all categories. A winning entry from the Florida Redevelopment Association provides an acknowledgment of excellence for the work of an organization.

Winners of the Roy F. Kenzie Award are evaluated on how effectively their projects demonstrate innovation, positively impact their community and provide applicability to other Florida communities, among other criteria. Within the 12 juried categories, the Florida Redevelopment Association Awards showcase and celebrate the most innovative and effective redevelopment programs in Florida.

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