• On-site registrations will not be accepted for any FRA Academy Course.
  • The deadline for registration/registration/payment is 3 weeks prior to the date of each course.
  • Course materials will be sent electronically to registrants following the registration deadline.
  • If you are applying for designation please attach documentation required in the criteria at time of registration (see application).

We apply for AICP Credits for our courses/events!

Core Courses:

Redevelopment 101
Redevelopment 101 Course Outline

Operations and Capacity Building
Operations and Capacity Building Course Outline

Budgeting, Funding and Reporting
Budget, Funding and Reporting Course Outline

Elective Courses:

Redevelopment Program Management
Program Management Course Outline

Creating and Using Redevelopment Incentives
Incentives Course Outline


Capital Project Management
Capital Project Management Course Outline

Housing as a Redevelopment Tool
Redevelopment Housing Course Outline

Planning Strategically for Redevelopment
Planning Strategically for Redevelopment Course Outline

Budgeting, Funding & Reporting (BFR) 2/23/2018 3/16/2018 FLC Training Center, Orlando
Operations & Capacity Building (Op/Cap) 3/30/2018 4/20/2018 FLC Training Center, Orlando
Capital Project Management (CPM) 4/13/2018 5/4/2018 Lauderdale Lakes Library/Educational and Cultural Center
Creating & Using Redevelopment Incentives (RI) 4/27/2018 NEW DATE:


FLC Training Center, Orlando
Housing as a Redevelopment Tool (HRT) 5/25/2018  6/22/2018 Lauderdale Lakes Library/Educational and Cultural Center
Redevelopment 101 10/1/2018 10/23/2018 Sanibel Harbor Marriott Resort & Spa

*Courses are held from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.  Sign in begins at 8:30 a.m.  Beverages, continental breakfast and lunch are included in each course fee.   NOTE:  On-site registrations are NOT available as course study materials are sent out electronically 2-3 weeks prior to each scheduled course.  No application will be accepted after the deadline has passed. Application and paid registration must be received by the deadline for each course.  If you would like further information, review the online academy application and online registration information (YOU WILL NEED A SEPARATE LOGIN FOR REGISTRATION) or contact Jan Piland at  If you have special dietary needs, please let Jan know.

General Description

The Academy is a unique educational program, designed to promote a prerequisite level of knowledge and professionalism in the field of community redevelopment. The courses are open to anyone interested in learning more about redevelopment practice in Florida. ANYONE who wants to take the course and provides the registration information and payment may register and take the courses. We offer online registration and payment for the courses. For more information, contact Jan Piland at or 850-701-3622.

If you do not want to take all the courses, you do not have to. And, you can take a course and not take the test (audit). To take the test you must take it during the same course. If you are interested in taking all the required courses to achieve a “designation” – there are two designations – “administrator” or “professional” for which you may apply. However, only FRA members in good standing are eligible for a designation. Five courses are required for graduation/designation. There are three core* courses: Redevelopment 101*; Budgeting, Funding and Reporting*, Operations and Capacity Building*. There are five elective courses: Creating and Using Redevelopment Incentives, Capital Project Management, Housing as a Redevelopment Tool, Capital Project Management and Planning Strategically for Redevelopment.

If you are a NEW CANDIDATE for a designation (FRA-RA (Redevelopment Administrator) or FRA-RP (Redevelopment Professional), please complete and send in all the requirement documents for your application first. If you would like to register and pay for a course (pending your acceptance as a candidate), you may submit the application and registration fee ($495) all at once. Please be sure to read all the information in the application to ascertain the appropriate fee to submit, sign the code form and submit the required documentation (see guidelines).

AFTER APPLICATION, you will be notified about acceptance into the academy by email. If you have already been accepted into the Academy, and you want to register for a course, please use the online link to register and chose your payment option. Please note that there are 3 different fees ($495 for Administrator designation (must be pre-qualified), $495 for Professional designation or if you’re a member in good standing just taking the course and $595 for non-members. Check the academy calendar for the locations and dates of the courses. Registration is available online only.

AFTER REGISTERING for a course, you will be sent an email paid confirmation and later, another email with the link to the study materials (at least two weeks prior to the course) as well as directions and program times. Be sure to check your junk and spam emails, or to place us on your “email white list” in order to successfully receive this email. Computers may or may not be allowed for use during the course, depending on the instructor. Refreshments, lunch, snacks and parking are included in the price of each course. Each course is from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., and a written test is usually given at 4:00 p.m. If you are auditing the course, you do not have to take the test. Pass/fail scores are emailed directly to the email provided on the registration forms. Taking the test only (“testing out”) is an option, but all tests must be proctored during a test for that particular course, or another course. We apply for AICP credits for all the academy courses.

The GRADUATION ceremony is held at the FRA Annual Conference, and each graduate receives an official certificate designating him or her. After that, the graduate can start using the credentials of FRA-RA or FRA-RP after their name.

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