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    What is a Community Redevelopment Area or District?
    Under Florida law (Chapter 163, Part III), local governments are able to designate areas as Community Redevelopment Areas when certain conditions exist. Since all the monies used in financing CRA activities are locally generated, CRAs are not overseen by the state, but redevelopment plans must be consistent with local government comprehensive plans. [LEARN MORE]
    What is a Community Redevelopment Agency?
    The activities and programs offered within a Community Redevelopment Area are administered by the Community Redevelopment Agency. The Board can be comprised of local government officials and or other individuals appointed by the local government. Each district must maintain separate trust funds, and expend those funds only in that district. [LEARN MORE]
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Florida Planning & Zoning Association Award – Call For Entries

It’s time again for the prestigious Florida Planning & Zoning Association Awards! The FPZA Awards define the standard for land development and public/private sector planning statewide. For several decades, the awards program has been the centerpiece of FPZA’s identification and promotion of best practices in all types of planning and development throughout the state.

The Florida Planning and Zoning Association encourages members to submit award applications. Second-place awards may be given in some categories as determined by the awards committee. Projects must have been approved or completed during the past calendar year (2011).

[Download 2012 FPZA Call For Entries Form]

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