fra-2016-best-book-coverThe 2016 Annual Award winners will be announced at the annual conference ceremony October 14, 2016 at the Hilton Orlando. We look forward to welcoming our new winners and memorializing them in the Best Book which will be available online after the winners are announced. For tips on how to submit your entry click here.

Applications will be accepted from any FRA member who meets the award criteria and submits the $150 entry fee. A winning entry is an acknowledgment of excellence for the work an organization is doing.

All entries will be evaluated on the effectiveness and completeness of the entry – the narrative, supplemental media and compliance with the submittal instructions. A cross section of Florida redevelopment professionals, individuals and business organizations will evaluate and rank all submissions.

All winners will receive a trophy presented at the awards ceremony during the FRA annual conference in October (see In addition, all winners will have an opportunity to further showcase their project at a tabletop display at the conference. Both winners and applicants will be included in the “Best Book,” a publication featuring the award win- ners and nominations each year. Previous year publications are posted at

We look forward to seeing and hearing about all of the exciting redevelop- ment advocates and projects that you are working on throughout the state. NOTE: All projects, events and programs must have been completed or implemented by June 3, 2016, to be considered for an award. In order for a study to be eligible, it must have been approved by the city or county com- mission. Also, before and after photos are required for any redevelopment hardscape project submitted.