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Lakeland CRA: Developers’ Corner – Electric Utility Deposits

Lakeland CRA: Developers’ Corner – Electric Utility Deposits There are many costs involved in opening or moving  a  business or office location.   One of the costs that sometimes catches business owners by surprise is the electric utility deposit necessary to set up service in the new location.  We spoke with David Kus, Assistant General Manager Customer Service, at Lakeland…


Perspectives on Urban Sustainability

Perspectives on Urban Sustainability Sustainability is the capacity to endure, and the capacity for humanity to endure is being tested on a global scale. Population is exploding and becoming increasingly urbanized. It took more than 10,000 generations for the planet to reach two billion humans in the middle of the last century. But someone born…


LDI recently acquired by Littlejohn Engineering Associates, Inc.

Littlejohn Engineering Associates (LEA), a leading Nashville, TN engineering, planning, environmental services, landscape architectural and survey firm has acquired Land Design Innovations (LDI) of Orlando, FL. LDI specializes in municipal planning, economic and redevelopment services, civil engineering and landscape architecture and has a rich 12 year history of quality service to clients in the municipal…


CRA Expands Grant Program Eligibility Areas

CRA EXPANDS GRANT PROGRAM ELIGIBILITY AREAS Offers businesses & property owners more help during recession DELRAY BEACH, Fla.—The Delray Beach Community Redevelopment Agency has expanded the eligibility areas of two of its grant programs to offer more incentives for exterior property improvements throughout a larger portion of the city. At a meeting held on Thursday,…


Around the Capitol: Governor Scott criteria for economic development programs

Around the Capitol:  Governor Scott will look at several criteria in determining whether an economic development program is created or retained: 1)  How will it work with traditional  “community development” programs, and 2) What is the return on investment? Has anyone out there ever found a way to measure the impact of economic development programs (other than…