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$400 rents aimed at attracting artists

$400 rents aimed at attracting artists West Palm Beach creating creative enclave WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. —At what used to be public housing, the city of West Palm Beach is building the area’s first artist enclave. Grace Joyce, West Palm Beach’s redevelopment administrator, toured the two-bedroom apartments with pride Friday. She said an artists’ association…


‘Incubating Ideas’

‘Incubating Ideas’ Seven years ago while they were still in their 20s, Chad Kittrell, a bank executive at the time, and J.T. Burnette, an entrepreneur, founded private equity firm Hunter & Harp in Tallahassee. Since that time, the two have launched a half-dozen Tallahassee businesses, invested $30 million in completed projects, put another $16 million…


DeLand leaders OK downtown residential, business project

DeLand leaders OK downtown residential, business project DELAND — City Commissioners approved a redevelopment project Monday night that could potentially bring dozens of new residents and businesses downtown. The City Commission voted 4-1 to allow the Daytona Beach-based White Challis Redevelopment Company to move forward with the project at Woodland Boulevard and Church Street by…