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Tearing Down to Build Back Up

It took the city of Leesburg less than 10 minutes Friday to tear down an abandoned house and lift up an entire city block. A mechanical excavator quickly ripped apart the crumbling, wood-sided house at 130 S. East St., the latest of several badly aged properties the city is destroying in voluntary cooperation with owners…


CRAs in 2012-2017 SFL Economic Development Strategy (Pages 75 and 77)

CRAs in 2012-2017 SFL Economic Development Strategy (Pages 75 and 77) For nearly thirty years in the State of Florida, statutory provisions have existed to allow the establishment of Community Redevelopment Agencies (CRA’s). CRA’s have evolved to represent comprehensive local mechanisms for the planning and implementing of local projects and programs that serve to: 1)…


US EDA Triple Bottom Line Tool

The Triple Bottom Line Tool helps optimize investments for economic, environmental, and social impact – what’s referred to as the triple bottom line or TBL. Investors, economic development professionals, and decision-makers can use the TBL Tool to: Design economic development investments for maximum returns Consider an economic development investment’s impact on various factors Compare or…