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Marathon Council OKs Redevelopment of Country Club As A Hotel – Florida Keys

The Marathon City Council on Tuesday unanimously OK’d the redevelopment of Florida Keys Country Club, a project fronted by accountant Peter Rosasco. The council granted Rosasco’s team a conditional-use permit and development agreement that includes plans for an overhaul of the golf course on Sombrero Boulevard, a 76-unit hotel, 15 three-bedroom cottages, a 170-seat restaurant,…


Creating Connected Communities: A Guidebook for Improving Transportation Connections for Low- and Moderate-Income Households

This guidebook is intended to provide elected officials, city staff members, community leaders, and other decisionmakers in small and mid-sized cities with a menu of strategies for improving the transportation choices available to low- and moderate-income households. On average, transportation is the second largest household expenditure after housing, and transportation costs are directly related to…


Boynton May Pay for Study to Look at Downtown Safety

Crime has been decreasing for five years in Boynton Beach‘s downtown, but the perception of criminal activity has remained the same, some officials say. That’s why the Boynton Beach Community Redevelopment Agency staff is suggesting that the board Tuesday approve a $19,000 safety assessment of the city’s downtown. The agency is working to change downtown’s image from crime-ridden…


Downtown Winter Haven Wi-Fi Access Is Free

Free Wi-Fi access is now available in downtown Winter Haven. The coverage area spans the Central Park corridor: Avenue A Southwest north to Avenue B Northwest, and Fifth Street Southwest to Fourth Street Northwest. The free service is being provided by Winter Haven-based Alternative Choice Wireless in partnership with city government. High-powered wireless antennas were…