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Job Surge Hits Downtown Tampa

TAMPA — New hotels are opening. New restaurants aren’t far behind. New apartments are on the horizon. And new numbers from the U.S. Census Bureau bear out what you can see with your own two eyes in the growth of downtown Tampa’s business environment. Between 2007, when the recession stalled developments all over Tampa, and 2012,…


Lakeland Downtown CRA Passes On Picking Best Option for Proposed Development

LAKELAND | A city board Thursday could not pick its favorite of two radically different proposals to develop 10 acres of city-owned property near the Lakeland Police Department. Downtown Community Redevelopment Agency Advisory Board members voted 6-1 to pass the matter to the City Commission without their own recommendation between a massive mixed-use development called…


NW/SW Atlantic Ave. Communities Celebrate first ever Community Benefit Agreement

The agreement is reached between diverse community coalition and Developer Equity Enterprise USA Inc. Delray Beach, FL. – NW/SW Atlantic Ave. neighborhoods will celebrate the first ever Community Benefit Agreement (CBA) negotiated between a diverse community coalition and Developer Equity Enterprises USA Inc. for the Uptown Atlantic Project. The CBA provisions included in the agreement are West…