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Editorial: Tallahassee takes reckless aim at community redevelopment agencies in another broadside on home rule

Orlando Sentinel Editorial Board Orlando Sentinel Dec. 27, 2017 For almost half a century, a Florida law has entrusted county and city governments to set aside a share of local property tax revenues for urban redevelopment. Now this authority, like other powers of home rule in Florida, is in Tallahassee’s cross hairs. Some state legislators…


Don’t stop the progress of community redevelopment agencies

Michael Simon Sun Sentinel Dec. 20, 2017 With increased buzz surrounding Florida’s community redevelopment agencies (CRAs), there has been a considerable amount of misinformation going around. It’s time to sift through the untruths and share the facts about CRAs. CRAs are created by local governments to revitalize targeted areas that have been neglected or forgotten.…


Downtown Column: Legislators should get out of Downtown’s way

Chris Hand Florida Times-Union Dec. 19, 2017 The Florida Constitution is clear: It protects the important principle of home rule, which recognizes that cities and counties are often best positioned to address their own needs. As the Palm Beach Post editorial page recently explained, “local officials are better equipped to respond quickly to local residents.…


FRA head strikes back: ‘Redevelopment is about the people’

Florida Politics Nov. 17, 2017 With the House of Representatives now trying to take out community redevelopment agencies (CRAs), the head of the Florida Redevelopment Association is fighting back. “Community redevelopment agencies breathe new life into communities that have been neglected or forgotten, and their impact goes far beyond the buildings and roads they help develop,” said Carol…


2018 Session Submittal Form

  2018 ANNUAL CONFERENCE SESSION SUBMITTAL FORM DEADLINE FOR SUBMITTAL JANUARY 31, 2018     TOPIC TITLE*SESSION SUMMARY FOR PROGRAM*50 word maximumSESSION FORMAT*(All should be “INTERACTIVE” with the audience EG. panel with plenty of time for questions, talk show style interview(s), “tag team” presentations, other)TAKEAWAY FROM SESSION*NAMES AND TITLES AND AFFILIATIONS OF SPEAKERS*3 max excluding…