CS/HB 9, related to Florida Community Redevelopment Agencies, was passed by the 2019 legislature.


Using “#Redevelopmentworks” we post examples of tools to promote the good work of CRAs throughout the state. The FRA has also built an online library of best practices. Look under the Awards section for 10 years of great examples of redevelopment projects.

CS/HB 9 contained increased accountability and transparency requirements without undue limitations on the operations or administration of Florida CRAs.


CS/HB 9 (LeMarca)

  • Requires ethics training for all CRA board members;
  • Requires the CRA to use the same procurement processes as the city or county
  • Revises the annual reporting requirements for agencies;
  • Allows for extensions of CRA terms beyond 2039;
  • Limits the extension of outstanding bonds’ maturity beyond 2039;
  • Updates state agency requirements when declaring inactive CRAs;
  • Allows the amounts of funding by each taxing authority who passes the funding ordinance of a CRA trust fund to be lowered to 50%;
  • Requires all CRA expenditures to be pursuant to the annual budget;
  • Such budget/amendments shall be submitted to the county 10 days after approval;
  • Revises the list of allowed expenditures by a CRA;
  • Allows end of fiscal year carry over of project funds beyond the 3 year limitation;
  • Revises audit requirements;
  • Requires the audit to accompany the annual financial report under 218.32;
  • Effective October 1, 2019.

2019 Legislative Positions

The Florida Redevelopment Association takes great pride in representing Community Redevelopment Agencies (CRAs) throughout Florida. CRAs bring economic vitality and jobs to our communities. Our members support thriving urban centers; improve infrastructure; recruit and retain businesses; promote growth and development in our urban areas; and facilitate public-private partnerships. Redevelopment is a sound investment by cities, counties and the private sector, and leads to long term economic development and job creation. 

  • Florida’s community redevelopment agencies (CRAs) serve to revitalize communities through projects such as streetscapes and roadway improvements, building renovations, neighborhood parks and more.
  • CRAs are created by local governments and funded by tax increment funding, which captures tax revenue from property value increases in a designated area – increases that are the result of effective redevelopment.
  • Unfortunately, Florida’s CRAs are currently under attack by proposed legislation that will enact crippling limitations in an attempt to impede the creation of new CRAs and terminate existing programs by 2039.
  • CS/Florida Senate Bill 1054 and CS/Florida House Bill 9 aim to impose a long list of limitations that will have an enormous negative impact on the survival of local CRAs.
  • Without local CRAs, the progress that has been made in redevelopment will come to a halt; property values will drop, and communities will suffer.
  • The Redevelopment Works campaign is working to raise awareness about the importance of Florida’s CRAs to ensure continued progress in community redevelopment.

For further information, contact Amber Hughes, Executive Director of the Florida Redevelopment Association, at (813) 777-4783, ahughes@flcities.com. 

  • Feb. 11-15: Interim Committee/Subcommittee Meetings
  • Feb. 18-22: Interim Committee and Subcommittee Meetings
  • March 5: First day of Regular Session (filing deadline for floor amendments)
  • April 23: Last day of regularly scheduled committee meetings
  • May 3: Last day of Regular Session

The Redevelopment Works campaign is raising awareness about the importance of Florida’s community redevelopment agencies (CRAs), which serve to revitalize communities. Our CRAs are currently under attack by legislation under consideration in the 2019 session. We are working with legislators to find areas of agreement, and we appreciate their consideration. However, CRAs must be left intact to continue to improve our communities. To ensure forward movement, and not regressive policy development, we’re calling on lawmakers to protect our CRAs.


Legislative Policies

Community redevelopment agencies (CRAs) are incredibly successful tools for breathing new life into communities that have been neglected or forgotten. Their purpose is to eradicate physical blight in its many forms – through local leadership and a publicly vetted redevelopment plan. There are no state or federal monies spent by CRAs.  Revenues used by CRAs come from FUTURE property value increases in the area – called “increment” because they are incremental increases in value, from year to year.

The redevelopment plan is created by the community and implemented according to that public plan. CRAs are uniquely designed to address our citizens’ specific needs for revitalization.  The steady rebirth of a neighborhood, commercial area or community is guided by the citizens of the area through the CRA plan, budget and hearings.

Further, CRAs are TRANSPARENT. There are several annual CRA reports required by state law, including independent audits.

While a CRA nurses an area back to health through a strategic blend of redevelopment initiatives, it provides the building blocks for other stakeholders to join in the process.  The end result, at the end of the CRA term, is a more vibrant, livable and healthy community for all its citizens.  The economy is better, businesses are supported, public areas are safe and clean, and it is a place where people want to take out-of-town guests when they visit.

The Florida Redevelopment Association (FRA) looks forward to working with any interested parties to provide information on CRA legal practices, challenges and successes. We are continuously educating members (and anyone interested in community redevelopment) through the academy course and professional certification program, workshops, annual conferences and webinars offering best practices and expert advice. You may visit www.redevelopment.net for more information on how we serve our members and the exceptional work CRAs are doing in Florida.

Key Facts:

  • Redevelopment efforts are key to revitalizing housing and commercial areas.
  • Redevelopment supports vital community assets identified by the local community.
  • CRAs are a recurring funding source for infrastructure, crime prevention and business growth.

For further information, contact Amber Hughes, FRA Executive Director, at 813-777-4783, visit www.redevelopment.net, or follow Florida Redevelopment Association on Facebook or @FLRedevel on Twitter.

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