Interested in serving FRA?

In an effort to continue growing and providing the best resources for Florida’s redevelopment professionals, FRA offers various volunteer opportunities to members looking to help the association. As we enter the new fiscal year, FRA is seeking members to serve on one of our eight committees for 2018-2019!

See below the description of each committee and fill out the application on the right.

For questions or concerns, please contact:
Amber Hughes, Executive Director, FRA
813-777-4783 |

FRA Committees

The academy committee is responsible for the establishment of courses, rules and regulations, criteria and procedures relative to the program.

Plans for the annual awards ceremony that recognizes “Best Book” winners, and FRA Academy graduates. In addition, some members are judges that review all the awards submitted online, via an online portal and scoring sheet. We discuss changes, additions or deletions to anything related to the awards program.

The conference committee shall carry out the responsibilities of planning and coordinating the program, including speakers and sponsors, for the Annual Conference. The committee shall also develop a working conference budget. The President-Elect shall serve as the Chair of the conference committee unless the Board determines otherwise.

The finance committee shall be responsible for the development and review of the Association’s annual budget, as well as any amendments thereto, including the making of recommendations regarding Association revenues, expenditures, or investments, and dues amounts and timely payment thereof. The committee shall also review and make recommendations regarding Association staffing and administrative procedures. The Treasurer shall be the chair of the Finance Committee.

The legislative committee shall review, monitor, research and develop proposals relative to Federal and State legislation, as well as administrative procedures of state agencies, and review, draft and recommend the Association’s Legislative Policy Statement each year. The committee may direct legislative reports to be made, and may also develop a network of contacts, or any other program, to advance lobbying activities by the Association. The FRA attorney shall be an ex-officio member of the legislative committee.

The membership committee shall work to promote the Association, its activities or services, to existing members, and to design procedures to recruit new members and market Association services. The Executive Director shall consult with the Chair of the Membership Committee regarding communications to the general membership, such as newsletters and general communications (internal marketing).

The nominating committee shall be comprised of not more than 5 members of the board of directors, appointed by the President.

A nominating committee prior to the Annual Meeting shall recommend nominees for the new officers and members of the Board. A current Board member must sponsor new board member nominations. The committee shall prepare and the Board shall approve, prior to the annual meeting, a slate of proposed Officers, Directors and Regional Representatives. Nominations for qualified candidates other than those on the proposed slate may be made from the floor during the election portion of the Annual Meeting. A majority of the votes cast at the meeting shall determine the winners.

In addition to submitting the slate of proposed officers, directors and regional representatives, the nominating committee may also recommend bylaw changes to the board of directors, including changes to the composition of the board, as it deems necessary. The Board shall adopt appropriate nominating and election policies and procedures.

The marketing and public relations committee shall work to promote the Association, its activities and accomplishments, as well as the accomplishments of its members (external marketing). The Executive Director shall consult with the Chair regarding information distributed to promote the Association.

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    Please note, most meetings are via conference call.