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Schools officials: Liberty Square redevelopment could hurt students, schools

Miami-Dade County’s plan to raze and redevelop Liberty Square could prove detrimental to hundreds of children and the Liberty City public schools fed by Miami’s oldest and largest public housing project, the Miami-Dade School District has warned. Weighing in for the first time since Mayor Carlos Gimenez rolled out his Liberty Square Rising proposal one year ago,…


Naples council in 2015 approved Fifth Avenue development concept that was rejected by 2003 council

Naples City Council approved a controversial Fifth Avenue South redevelopment project last fall, more than a decade after a previous council rejected a near-identical concept based on an analysis that the plans violated the city charter. By voting against a developer’s request in 2003 to construct a three-story hotel above a level of underground parking,…


CRA approves Piggly Wiggly funding

The Community Redevelopment Agency board on Thursday approved $205,000 toward improvements for a new Piggly Wiggly grocery store in a documented food desert on Tallahassee’s south side. Harveys closed May 2014 — three months after the announcement rocked nearby neighborhoods — due to its proximity to Winn-Dixie on Paul Russell Road. Harveys was an anchor store…