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State bill to restrict CRAs

A bill in the Florida Senate could, if enacted, work to phase out Community Redevelopment Agencies by 2037. Senate Bill 1770 passed the Florida Senate Community Affairs Committee on Tuesday, 5-3, and now goes for further review. The committee amended the bill to allow local governments to either create or continue CRAs by supermajority vote.…


Jasper – Swift Straw to open first Florida location in Hamilton County

The Hamilton County Development Authority announced that Swift Straw of Atlanta will open its first Florida location in Jasper. Swift Straw, an agriculture-based business, will occupy the former ESP window factory warehouse providing needed redevelopment to the location. The company, which launched in 2011, has already hired nine full-time positions, with nearly 15 positions in…


CRA Continues to Make Chipley Look Better

Chipley’s Community Redevelopment Agency continued looking at options for a variety of projects at their March 28th board meeting. Topping off their list was discussion of the Strategic Plan information garnered in recent community meetings.  Surveys that were taken as part of the work highlighted the following areas of concern:  Housing  Code enforcement  Spotty Internet…