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Strategic Partnerships Within Your Community

Establishing strategic partnerships is key for any business, but especially for non-profit organizations looking to address complex issues in the community they live in. Understanding how partnerships can strengthen your business and organization is key for every leader, especially in Brevard County where there are more than 2,000 registered non-profits – being able to show…


CRA Bill Likely Dead for this Year

Legislation changing local control of Community Redevelopment Agencies is heading to the Florida Senate from the House. But it’s unlikely the Senate will take up the House bill. A similar bill in the Senate died in committee. The Tallahassee Community Redevelopment Agency sold two downtown buildings last month to a developer to create an area…


10 Things to Know about CRAs

A three-letter acronym is stirring up a hornet’s nest, as the Brevard County Commission and county management start to put together a budget for the fiscal year that begins Oct. 1.The acronym CRA — which stands for community redevelopment agency — has been a topic of debate for some time. But, with two new members…


OBJ Introduces Crane Watch Orlando interactive map that tracks local development

Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer once said that his favorite bird was the crane — meaning the mechanical ones that have dotted Central Florida’s landscape with new construction projects. And now, Orlando Business Journal is launching Crane Watch Orlando, a comprehensive, web-based interactive feature that offers detailed information and images on new commercial real estate development…