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Community Planning Technical Assistance Grants

Community Planning Technical Assistance Grants The Department’s Bureau of Community Planning application process is currently open through June 6, 2014. Purpose Funding was requested to assist counties and municipalities in meeting the requirements of the Comprehensive Planning Act, addressing critical local planning issues, and promoting innovative planning solutions. This will be an annual funding cycle.…


Brownfields bills moving through Legislature as one-time boost in tax credits is sought

Bills that would extend liability protection for the clean up of contamination sites known as “brownfields” are moving through the House and Senate. Bill supporters, including the Florida Brownfields Association, also are asking the Legislature to boost a $5 million annual tax credit for cleanups to reduce or eliminate what was a $14.7 million backlog…


Request for Qualification – Hallandale Beach CRA Master Plan

The City of Hallandale Beach Community Redevelopment Agency (the “CRA”), Florida, invites interested parties to submit qualifications from experienced individual(s), group(s), or company(ies), referred to in this RFP as the “Master Developer”, to provide the services described in the RFP. The CRA intends to evaluate and determine which firm(s) is qualified to participate in a…


Request for Qualifications (RFQ): Renovation of “The Hacienda” – New Port Richey

The City of New Port Richey, Florida invites interested qualified persons to submit Letters of Qualifications for the renovation and management of the Historic Hotel property.  The Community Redevelopment Plan for this area requires a use such as a boutique hotel, restaurant and/or other related amenities. The City’s goal is for the historic preservation and…


Westgate CRA received award for EcoArt Project at the PBC Business Development Board 2014 National Engineers Week

It is not everyday that a Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) gets recognized for a project that promotes environmentally conscious design and placemaking among multi-million dollar super-highway and infrastructure, space orbiter, and aeronautic and astronautic projects. This award confirms that a modest project incorporating humanity with technological innovations will eventually find its way to the top…