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Zoning changes would protect ‘unique character’ of downtown Pensacola, firm says

Zoning changes could protect the character of downtown neighborhoods, the Pensacola City Council and planning board heard during a presentation Monday. Pensacola’s Community Redevelopment Agencyhired the urban design and planning firm DPZ to develop new overlay zones to guide revitalization in the city’s three Community Redevelopment Agency districts. Marina Khoury, a partner at the DPZ firm,…


Redevelopment Worked

The 2018 Legislative Session concluded with no changes passed to the laws that govern Community Redevelopment Agencies! We want to thank our intrepid lobbyists, our members, our community leaders and the citizens of Florida for believing in #CRAs statewide. You are the reason #RedevelopmentWorks. To learn more about the 2018 session, read our latest newsletter here!


‘Don’t Fort Lauderdale St. Petersburg.’ Dunkin’ drive-through fails

ST. PETERSBURG — Business owner Sarah Arrazola delivered the rallying cry Wednesday for those opposing a developer’s bid to open a Dunkin’ Donuts drive-through in downtown: “Please don’t Fort Lauderdale St. Petersburg,” she told the Development Review Commission. The Orlando developer, Jonathan Moore, defended the project from charges that it would dilute the city’s local…


House bill could eliminate CRAs, lead to more sprawl in Florida | Thumb down

Treasure Coast Newspapers Editorial Board Treasure Coast Newspapers Feb. 28, 2018 Sometimes, legislative bills metastasize. Case in point would be Florida House Bill 883, which started out as a measure designed to expand Community Development Districts, or CDDs, which are created by property owners who then sometimes use the CDD to borrow money, make improvements,…


Op-ed: Home rule in danger due to misguided proposals before the Florida Legislature

Steve Leary Orlando Weekly Feb. 15, 2018 Twenty years ago, crime and blight plagued an area west of Winter Park’s Park Avenue. It wasn’t a place you’d want to hang out after dark. But today, its residents and visitors linger into the evening at sidewalk cafes while locally owned businesses flourish behind restored facades. These…