2018 Legislative Positions

The Florida Redevelopment Association takes great pride in representing Community Redevelopment Agencies (CRAs) throughout Florida. CRAs bring economic vitality and jobs to our communities. Our members support thriving urban centers; improve infrastructure; recruit and retain businesses; promote growth and development in our urban areas; and facilitate public-private partnerships. Redevelopment is a sound investment by cities, counties and the private sector, and leads to long term economic development and job creation. 

Community Redevelopment Agencies 


Chapter 163, Part III, Florida Statutes, which contains mechanisms for cities and counties to negotiate, establish, operate and fund Community Redevelopment Agencies. These entities focus on revitalizing blighted and deteriorating areas of our communities with the investment of future local revenues, known as Tax Increment Financing.


Legislation aimed at limiting, dismantling or reducing funding for the 220 CRAs in blighted communities throughout Florida. We specifically oppose efforts by some counties to push only the CRA restrictions contained in the 2015 Florida Auditor General Report.    

Growth and Development:

The FRA supports legislation that promotes quality urban development and redevelopment within our cities, especially new statutory and regulatory incentives for projects that involve infill development, job creation and economic development. 


The FRA supports adoption of a statewide energy policy that provides statutory incentives for renewable energy projects and programs that create jobs, redevelop existing buildings and infrastructure, attract and retain existing businesses, and bring new industries to Florida.


The FRA supports funding and local flexibility to ensure the continued success of Florida’s brown field programs, a valuable redevelopment tool.  We also support the valuable partnership between state and local partners in the mitigation of brownfields.


The FRA supports legislation supporting intra-urban and inter-urban multimodal transportation systems, such as: mass transit, passenger rail, pedestrian, bicycle, complete streets, and safe mobility. We also support locating rail stations and intermodal centers in or adjacent to urban centers, and lessening and/or mitigating the negative effects of freight rail traffic.


The FRA supports dedicating revenues collected by the State Housing Trust Fund to affordable housing. The FRA also supports programs and initiatives aimed at neighborhood stabilization.

Economic Development:

The FRA supports incentives and policies that promote business growth and expansion, and which result in the creation of new jobs and capital investment. 

For further information, contact Carol Westmoreland, Executive Director of the Florida Redevelopment Association, at (850) 701-3608, cwestmoreland@flcities.com, or visit www.redevelopment.net.

Key Dates


18-19 Constitution Revision Commission Committee Meetings
26-28 Constitution Revision Commission Committee Meetings

3-5 Constitution Revision Commission Committee Meetings
9-13 Legislative Interim Committee Meetings
11-12 FAST Fly-In – Washington, D.C. (Contact Person: Allison Payne)
17-19 Constitution Revision Commission Committee Meetings
23-27 Legislative Interim Committee Meetings
31-Nov. 2 Constitution Revision Commission Committee Meetings

6-9 Legislative Interim Committee Meetings
13-17 Legislative Interim Committee Meetings
15-18 National League of Cities City Summit – Charlotte, NC
28-30 Constitution Revision Commission Committee Meetings

4-8 Legislative Interim Committee Meetings
6-8 FLC Legislative Conference – Embassy Suites Orlando Lake
Buena Vista South (Contact Person: Mary Edenfield / Melanie Howe)
12-14 Constitution Revision Commission Committee Meetings


4 FLC Pre-Session Webinar – 11:00 am ET
9 2018 Regular Session Convenes
30-31 FLC Legislative Action Days (Contact Person: Mary Edenfield)

9 Last day of Regular Session
11-14 NLC Congressional City Conference – Washington, D.C.

**all dates subject to change**

The Redevelopment Works campaign is raising awareness about the importance of Florida’s community redevelopment agencies (CRAs), which serve to revitalize communities. Our CRAs are currently under attack by legislation under consideration in the 2018 session. We are working with legislators to find areas of agreement, and we appreciate their consideration. However, CRAs must be left intact to continue to improve our communities. To ensure forward movement, and not regressive policy development, we’re calling on lawmakers to protect our CRAs.


Legislative Policies

Community redevelopment agencies (CRAs) are incredibly successful tools for breathing new life into communities that have been neglected or forgotten. Their purpose is to eradicate physical blight in its many forms – through local leadership and a publicly vetted redevelopment plan. There are no state or federal monies spent by CRAs.  Revenues used by CRAs come from FUTURE property value increases in the area – called “increment” because they are incremental increases in value, from year to year.

The redevelopment plan is created by the community and implemented according to that public plan. CRAs are uniquely designed to address our citizens’ specific needs for revitalization.  The steady rebirth of a neighborhood, commercial area or community is guided by the citizens of the area through the CRA plan, budget and hearings.

Further, CRAs are TRANSPARENT. There are several annual CRA reports required by state law, including independent audits.

While a CRA nurses an area back to health through a strategic blend of redevelopment initiatives, it provides the building blocks for other stakeholders to join in the process.  The end result, at the end of the CRA term, is a more vibrant, livable and healthy community for all its citizens.  The economy is better, businesses are supported, public areas are safe and clean, and it is a place where people want to take out-of-town guests when they visit.

The Florida Redevelopment Association (FRA) looks forward to working with any interested parties to provide information on CRA legal practices, challenges and successes. We are continuously educating members (and anyone interested in community redevelopment) through the academy course and professional certification program, workshops, annual conferences and webinars offering best practices and expert advice. You may visit www.redevelopment.net for more information on how we serve our members and the exceptional work CRAs are doing in Florida.

Key Facts:

  • Redevelopment efforts are key to revitalizing housing and commercial areas.
  • Redevelopment supports vital community assets identified by the local community.
  • CRAs are a recurring funding source for infrastructure, crime prevention and business growth.

For further information, contact Carol Westmoreland, FRA Executive Director, at 850-570-7206, visit www.redevelopment.net, or follow Florida Redevelopment Association on Facebook or @FLRedevel on Twitter.