Tallahassee, Florida, USA at the Old and New Capitol Building.

2017 Legislative Positions

The Florida Redevelopment Association takes great pride in representing Community Redevelopment Agencies (CRAs) throughout Florida. CRAs bring economic vitality and jobs to our communities. Our members support thriving urban centers; improve infrastructure; recruit and retain businesses; promote growth and development in our urban areas; and facilitate public-private partnerships. Redevelopment is a sound investment by cities, counties and the private sector, and leads to long term economic development and job creation. 

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FRA Positions

FRA members support Chapter 163, Part III, Florida Statutes, which contains mechanisms for cities and counties to negotiate, establish, operate and fund Community Redevelopment Agencies. These public-private and self-funded entities need continued flexibility to work with the private sector to truly redevelopment our communities. The FRA opposes legislation aimed at limiting, dismantling or reducing funding for the 220 CRAs in blighted communities throughout Florida.

The FRA supports legislation that promotes quality urban development and redevelopment within our cities, especially new statutory and regulatory incentives for projects that involve infill development, job creation and economic development.

The FRA supports adoption of a statewide energy policy that provides statutory incentives for renewable energy projects and programs that create jobs, redevelop existing buildings and infrastructure, attract and retain existing businesses, and bring new industries to Florida. State policies should encourage the manufacturing, distribution and use of alternative and renewable energy sources.

The FRA supports funding to ensure the continued success of Florida’s brown field programs, a valuable redevelopment tool.

The FRA supports legislation supporting intra-urban and inter-urban multimodal transportation systems throughout Florida. Examples are:  bus and other mass transit, passenger rail, pedestrian, bicycle, complete streets, safe mobility and public private partnerships (P3). We also support locating rail stations and intermodal centers in or adjacent to urban centers, and legislation that would lessen and/or mitigate the negative effects of freight rail traffic and associated facilities on urban centers and the urban redevelopment process.

The FRA supports dedicating revenues collected by the State Housing Trust Fund to affordable housing. The FRA also supports programs and initiatives aimed at neighborhood stabilization

The FRA supports incentives and policies that promote business growth and expansion, and which result in the creation of new jobs and capital investment. We support continued or increased state investment in transportation infrastructure, such as airports, seaports, railways and roadways, complete streets, safe mobility, pedestrian and bicycle programs and public private partnerships (P3).

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